Not too long ago, I lived in a studio apartment. However, I decided to move into a single bedroom apartment, and that has at least doubled the amount of space I have. It’s also a bunch more wall space than I used to have, and it needed decorating. Friends and family know I’m really into music and the arts, and I display that proudly wherever I live.

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Decorating With Poster Frames

If you ever get to know me, then you’ll discover that while I love decorating in those styles, I also love doing it without spending a ton of money. What I did was buy a handful of posters that illustrate things I find important. I find that art posters usually have large borders, and even distracting information about the artist and museum. I take these to custom frame shops for some easy fixing up. Poster frames are a simple choice, but it’s one that works, and the frame shop I use has the ability to cut off the distracting parts and the border. The final trimmed poster in a frame looks not so much like a poster but a professional piece. I like using the same kind of frame for music posters too for a consistent look throughout my place.

The professional I enjoy working with at the custom frame shop let me know that I could add a mat to the posters to make them look more like actual art prints. We tried it, and while I didn’t quite like the look for the posters I had picked, it did open up other options to consider. Just stop and think about how many things you could get made to look tremendously better, just using a simple poster frame. You can use wood frames too, they do not have to be metal. Any frame shop is going to have a some options for framing posters. These are usually the thin black frames everyone knows, but you can ask about other colors. Black is just traditional because it doesn’t distract the eyes from the subject matter and also doesn’t overpower color posters with something like a shiny gold finish. These frames can be repurposed for things other than posters, as you can use them for anything from photographs to certificates. Anything you want framed can happen in a simple frame. Highlight it with an off-white mat for a nice touch of contrast to highlight the piece in question.

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Few More Tips

The addition of a mat to any framed item is simple yet genius, as it has a classical way of highlighting the art or piece in question. It helps viewers make a subconscious connection with whatever is framed, as visual focus is easier without anything in the space around it. If you want to tell the world who the most important individuals are in your life, print them out in black and white photographs and then mat them with a black poster frame. This makes an elegant yet obvious statement. Photos of your kids can be done with color mats for a more playful vibe, especially for anything going in their playroom.

You can use poster frames to seriously decorate the walls of a play room without emptying your wallet. Safety is another aspect to keep in mind with your kids’ play room. Invest the little extra to get light acrylic or plexi-glass that won’t break if it hits the floor. Avoid pricey frames just in case your kids don’t like the wall decorations and do something to them. Poster framing again is a great way to class up a basic poster or photo, and with economic yet smart options, you can make anything look like a masterpiece.

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A lot of you have already done the dirty deed with your new bride. Nonetheless, below are several tips to spice up your hotel bedroom for a wedding night.

I suggest lending your bedroom key to a bridesmaid who can show up to the bedroom thirty minutes or so before to spice up the bedroom with all sorts of goodies which you have previously bought. That actually adds a perfect touch when walking in the bedroom. Just make sure you do not forget to carry the bride in.

The day may have been long for you; however it was even longer for the blushing bride. You may want to nap or consummate your marriage on the honeymoon. Once in your room the mood will probably be affected by first night jitters. However, do not worry too much about it. Her feet are killing her from the expensive high heels. Therefore, start by removing her heels and giving a light foot massage.

But let’s get back to bedroom décor. You want to create an environment which will cater to virtually all of her senses. Below are a couple of tips on what to decorate your hotel bedroom with.

Red & white rose petals

A lot of florists will have small bags of fresh rose petals for purchase which will last for a couple of days. Spread them along the suite floor leading from the door all the way to the bed. Make sure you lay them out on your bed too.


You will find beautiful wedding candles at well equipped shopping malls. Get different sizes of the same color. Under no circumstances do not forget to put a couple of candles near the bathtub for that romantic bubble bath for your and your blushing bride.


There is little doubt that the most personal room in the house is the bedroom. Though many people spend a good amount of time in the living room, eventually everybody needs to spend considerable time in the bedroom. When considering decoration of your bedroom, the key factor to consider is what for this is used most often. There is no dearth of bizarre suggestions on how to have bedrooms with impractical themes, but a personalized theme makes the best one, not only for the present but also for a long time to come.

Bedroom Furniture Layout

Giving it an appropriate layout is the simplest way of making a bedroom more enjoyable without spending a fortune. While the number of pieces of furniture needs to be minimized, irrespective of the design, it the positioning of furniture that can make or mar the overall feel that the room gives. You shouldn’t overlook the fact that primarily bedroom is meant for sleeping, so the focal point of this room should be beds and their positioning.

Look to the possibility of keeping the headboard or head of the bed in such a way that it’s opposite to the entry of the room. Adorn it with a comfortable blanket in your preferred color and style to make it the focal point of your bedroom. This way, usually anybody entering the room can see this focal point. Have sufficient space for dressing area and incorporate lights in such a manner that mirror in the room can reflect it back to give the impression of a larger area.

The area of the room matters a lot for giving it the right décor. Smaller rooms should have minimum clutter, so all the avoidable pieces of furniture should be kept away at some other place. You may already be aware that application of light colors on the walls of a small room makes it look bigger. Another trick to make it look larger than its actual size is to position mirror along the longer section of the bedroom. Big rooms look good and comfortable if the bed is positioned perfectly. Inclusion of a reading table or a separate walk in closet often gives a swanky feel to the bedroom. Floor to ceiling décor by adding large wall paintings and big wardrobes or curtains gives a regal look to large bedrooms.

Create a Romantic Bedroom

The most desired feel for a bedroom is the romantic one. Romance is best described by deep colors, close to being red but certainly not anywhere close to a bright red. Magentas and deep purples will give the desired results and make great combinations with cream. White looks goods if wholly used in the midst of colors as accents. One can always find some god romantic beds on online sale at Kohls’ coupons.
Positioning of lighting and mirrors can contribute a lot to the romantic ambience of the room. Think on the lines of dimming lights or lights which change with time. Flowers and hearts are nice if used skillfully. Make sure that colors go along well with the other parts of the room and don’t be tacky, else it would get old fast.

Decoration of a bedroom is not all that difficult. The most important factors are the available space and the positioning of different items. And, keep in mind that a TV in the bedroom is the most unromantic item!


Decorating your bedroom on your own can be a complicated and surprisingly difficult process, particularly if you are set on giving it a truly unique or individual appearance. This is because you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to what, physically, should be in your bedroom. You will obviously have a bed, and aside from that you will probably have a dresser or two, perhaps a wardrobe, and a few lamps, when it comes to furniture. You may also want to have a television mounted, or some security system monitors from ADT Home Security on the wall, or nice rug on the floor, etc. But for the most part, these are the basic elements of the average bedroom – so, how do you take the use of these elements and turn your bedroom into a uniquely designed space? Here are a few tips.

One underrated (and surprisingly underused as well) idea to give your bedroom its own unique, signature appearance is patterned wallpaper. For the most part, if you are first moving into a home, or if you are having one built, you are likely to settle on a solid color for your wallpaper, as it seems somewhat bold to choose a pattern right off the bat. However, if you are going to want your bedroom to have its own look, why not look into some different artistic patterns to begin with? There are endless options of patterned wallpaper out there, and you are virtually certain to find something that works with your personal taste to give your room its own look.

Another simple but significant way to add some personality to your bedroom is to carefully select a more decorative bed frame. The average bed looks relatively bland in a room – it is expected to be there, and it is there, and that is all. However, if for example you select a large, wooden bed frame, your bed can suddenly become not only a basic element of the room, but also a decorative feature. Again, you have a lot of options within this idea, so you can easily select something that fits your personal vision for your bedroom.

Obviously, these are just a few fairly basic ideas of how to enhance your bedroom from a design perspective. There are plenty of other ways for you to get creative with setting up your bedroom, such as adding colorful sheets and curtains, or putting in a few potted plants, etc. And, if you are worried that you aren’t the creative type when it comes to these things, you can always consult an interior designer.


The Fold bed and bedside tables break away from classic unattractive square frames with the introduction of eye-catching angles which intersect and match each other. The complementing bedside tables are upholstered and have push-to-open drawers featuring inset polished stainless-steel tops, nesting beautifully with the sides of both the frame and headboard. The headboard of the Fold features deep side panels which help reduce surrounding noises for a sound nap. The headboard is padded for late night TV. The Fold’s frame is quick to assemble using latch brackets and a simple hook which require basically no hand (or power) tools and disassembles to 3 rails and a headboard for easy transportation.


The Laccato collection of aluminum beds is designed by Bruno Fattorini for MDF Italia. What’s really special about this minimalist piece of bedroom furniture is its frame, which is available in natural polished or anodized aluminum. MDF Italia’s Brio Italian Laccato collection of aluminum beds is one of their most beautiful collections. This minimalist piece would definitely make a great addition to any minimalist-style love lounge. What’s more, the Laccato benefits from its ability to be coordinated with all MDF Italia’s furniture.


The Clay bookcase is designed by Antonia Astori for Driade. It’s a perfect furnishing solution which perfectly blends practically and style through its unique design and perfect colors. Made by Driade, the Clay modern bookcase is a spectacular way to introduce a sense of mystery to your contemporary bedroom. With user-friendly functions such as bookcase and display unit, Antonia Astori’s intricate modern design includes creativity and an airy demeanor unlike most traditional bedroom display cabinets and bookcases.


Poemo Design is an Italian company, expressing a one-of-a-kind and modern approach to bedding in its beautiful color palettes and natural patterns. The Poemo Design has a truly wonderful range of some of the finest organic cotton bedding. Made to last, yet sumptuously soft, their bedding comes in a wide variety of fashionable colors and patterns, so you’re bound to find the very best set for your bedroom. Poemo Design’s bed linen is a refreshing, modern take on traditional bedding.


The debe.destyle Cot by De Breuyn is all about making the most of your nursery/bedroom. With this cot the baby starts its life in style and luxury. Needless to say, safety is of crucial importance – so this piece of kids’ furniture meets all EU safety regulation. This elegant bed – mattress dimensions .7 by 1.4 meters – is easily adjustable for 3 different heights, features a couple of detachable rails and can even be transformed later on into a kids’ bed. The cot can be found in white lacquered or solid beech wood -oiled. Style, right from the beginning!


The Bed Gold and the Gold Chic Bed reveal their strong character at the very first sight and are nothing like your usual upholstered bed. We especially like its perfectly-defined structure and its solid appearance. They can be best described as an explosion of romanticism. The floral pattern of the headboard and the softness of the fabric make a frame for your dreams. They are available in three different widths for different size mattresses. Also, they can be found without and with storage space. As you expect, the bed cover is completely removable.