The traditional perception of an air purifier which one has in their mind is of an oversized can which takes a lot of valuable space and is quite hard to rearrange or transport once needed. On the other hand, with changing times and expanding requirements all that is sure to transform and the Daan from Joseph Kim (Daan is Korean for column) seems to be a bit of a trendsetter in this regard with its one-of-a-kind design and finish which make it as much a visual delight as it’s for the health by spreading eco-friendly goodness. Air purifiers have experienced a massive revival in the last several years; however one thing they all have in common is the inability to dynamically scale to different size interiors. The Daan is a small disk sized unit capable to completely purify a small room. Now comes the best part – you stack several units together to purify a larger room. What’s more, it is possible to detach one unit and take it for travel.