Breathing disorders are definitely on a rise and air pollution simply does not seem to be getting contained. Be it a multimillion people city or a comfortable small town, the quality of air is on the downslide. In case you are a worried mom or dad and simply cannot seem to get over that persistent cough that’s hounding the little one, it is best to ensure and eliminate bad air quality in the home from the list of allergens. Something like the Breathing Bud is a surefire way of testing how good the air quality at house is. Made like a wonderful bud, the bedroom air purifier has vents at the base which take in the air for testing. A beaming blue bud shows that the air in the bedroom is of top quality; on the other hand, pink light shows that some pronto action is needed. Breathing Bud sources power from the PC or lap top through USB and transfers all information to it too. It is possible to use the relevant info in order to compare it with the standards which are easily available off the Internet.