Those of you who travel this big beautiful planet of ours by air, high speed maglev trains and cars or simply surf from the comfort of your living room, know that creative hotel designers are full of truly awesome ideas on how to make any bedroom cozy, eye-catching and space-efficient. Created to provide a sound night’s sleep, hotels and resorts are a perfect inspiration for redesigning your bedroom. What’s more, most of them manage to pack an entire living area into a single comfortable bedroom. And that is exactly why we like to check them out. Here are five great ideas to steal from for your own bedroom. We have posted five of our favorites. And we would really like to find out from you: Which is your favorite hotel or resort for bedroom inspiration?

Bedroom with LED Lights

Get ready for some funky bedroom transforming experience, since behind the bed, built in the wall are LED lights that changes colours – from green and red all the way to white and pink – making this surreal Alice in wonderland bedroom truly one-of-a-kind. In case you were wondering, sitting on top of the red couch is the grinning Cheshire cat, and to the side of the bed coming out of the wall is the March Hare. Seven hotel Paris

Art Deco Bedroom Designs

These surprisingly expressive and colourful bedroom designs have recycled oak floors, ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, industrial ceiling fan, fridge, LCD or plasma TV set, audio dock for iPod or iPhone and Wi-Fi all decorated in that one-of-a-kind famous Miami style. It’s good to know that the hotel underwent a redesign by Diesel. Pelican Hotel

Chic Bedroom Designs

This is definitely one of the most beautiful bedrooms we have ever seen! This bedroom is all about revitalizing surrounding, style and ultimate comfort. This bedroom is actually part of a Malay villa situated in the middle of a coconut plantation. It is actually this traditional Malay design that gives this bedroom its unique character, with a comfortable bed to give it a more homely appeal. Bon Ton

Artistic Bedrooms

Each and every bedroom is one-of-a-kind since each has its name and was designed by one designer. So you could say that these bedrooms are inspirational and inspired. They are simplicity personified. Modern furniture creates a functional and elegant look. Hotel Fox

Romantic Bedroom Décor

This bedroom is all about minimalist, elegant design. The most beautiful romantic look is achieved with rose-patterned curtains, flowered lamps as well as vintage telephones. Townhouse Hotel