There is little doubt that the most personal room in the house is the bedroom. Though many people spend a good amount of time in the living room, eventually everybody needs to spend considerable time in the bedroom. When considering decoration of your bedroom, the key factor to consider is what for this is used most often. There is no dearth of bizarre suggestions on how to have bedrooms with impractical themes, but a personalized theme makes the best one, not only for the present but also for a long time to come.

Bedroom Furniture Layout

Giving it an appropriate layout is the simplest way of making a bedroom more enjoyable without spending a fortune. While the number of pieces of furniture needs to be minimized, irrespective of the design, it the positioning of furniture that can make or mar the overall feel that the room gives. You shouldn’t overlook the fact that primarily bedroom is meant for sleeping, so the focal point of this room should be beds and their positioning.

Look to the possibility of keeping the headboard or head of the bed in such a way that it’s opposite to the entry of the room. Adorn it with a comfortable blanket in your preferred color and style to make it the focal point of your bedroom. This way, usually anybody entering the room can see this focal point. Have sufficient space for dressing area and incorporate lights in such a manner that mirror in the room can reflect it back to give the impression of a larger area.

The area of the room matters a lot for giving it the right décor. Smaller rooms should have minimum clutter, so all the avoidable pieces of furniture should be kept away at some other place. You may already be aware that application of light colors on the walls of a small room makes it look bigger. Another trick to make it look larger than its actual size is to position mirror along the longer section of the bedroom. Big rooms look good and comfortable if the bed is positioned perfectly. Inclusion of a reading table or a separate walk in closet often gives a swanky feel to the bedroom. Floor to ceiling décor by adding large wall paintings and big wardrobes or curtains gives a regal look to large bedrooms.

Create a Romantic Bedroom

The most desired feel for a bedroom is the romantic one. Romance is best described by deep colors, close to being red but certainly not anywhere close to a bright red. Magentas and deep purples will give the desired results and make great combinations with cream. White looks goods if wholly used in the midst of colors as accents. One can always find some god romantic beds on online sale at Kohls’ coupons.
Positioning of lighting and mirrors can contribute a lot to the romantic ambience of the room. Think on the lines of dimming lights or lights which change with time. Flowers and hearts are nice if used skillfully. Make sure that colors go along well with the other parts of the room and don’t be tacky, else it would get old fast.

Decoration of a bedroom is not all that difficult. The most important factors are the available space and the positioning of different items. And, keep in mind that a TV in the bedroom is the most unromantic item!