Decorating your bedroom on your own can be a complicated and surprisingly difficult process, particularly if you are set on giving it a truly unique or individual appearance. This is because you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to what, physically, should be in your bedroom. You will obviously have a bed, and aside from that you will probably have a dresser or two, perhaps a wardrobe, and a few lamps, when it comes to furniture. You may also want to have a television mounted, or some security system monitors from ADT Home Security on the wall, or nice rug on the floor, etc. But for the most part, these are the basic elements of the average bedroom – so, how do you take the use of these elements and turn your bedroom into a uniquely designed space? Here are a few tips.

One underrated (and surprisingly underused as well) idea to give your bedroom its own unique, signature appearance is patterned wallpaper. For the most part, if you are first moving into a home, or if you are having one built, you are likely to settle on a solid color for your wallpaper, as it seems somewhat bold to choose a pattern right off the bat. However, if you are going to want your bedroom to have its own look, why not look into some different artistic patterns to begin with? There are endless options of patterned wallpaper out there, and you are virtually certain to find something that works with your personal taste to give your room its own look.

Another simple but significant way to add some personality to your bedroom is to carefully select a more decorative bed frame. The average bed looks relatively bland in a room – it is expected to be there, and it is there, and that is all. However, if for example you select a large, wooden bed frame, your bed can suddenly become not only a basic element of the room, but also a decorative feature. Again, you have a lot of options within this idea, so you can easily select something that fits your personal vision for your bedroom.

Obviously, these are just a few fairly basic ideas of how to enhance your bedroom from a design perspective. There are plenty of other ways for you to get creative with setting up your bedroom, such as adding colorful sheets and curtains, or putting in a few potted plants, etc. And, if you are worried that you aren’t the creative type when it comes to these things, you can always consult an interior designer.