The decorative Poppy family has had offspring – the ceiling and wall versions now have fewer arms and modified canopy. They’re available with a choice of five, tree, two or one movable hinged arms. As a final result the petal-like shades are no longer only illustrious chandeliers. They can create ambiance in intimate and small bedrooms. Switch on the light, and the shade opens up just like a wonderful flower. This is thanks to the fine bi-metal leaves that adopt a predetermined position through the warmth of the lights. Poppy, the name says it all: Its bud, the goblet-like shade made of mouth-blown glass which is available in dark violet, red or ceramic is slightly transparent once on. Its stalk, manufactured out of flexible tube in beige or black, is fabric-coated and can be easily bent in basically any direction. This enables the lighting effect and appearance of the chandelier to be transformed individually; for instance playful and wild or bundled or strict. Designers: Peter Thammer, Ulrich Beckert and Georg Soanca-Pollack.