Bedroom should be a very quite and intimate place for the recreation. What’s more, it must be designed to be cozy enough for those who sleep and rest in. Best ones reflect the personal style as well as and preference of the person doing the arranging. In this particular bedroom one must be in total harmony with him/herself. The atmosphere must be soothing and must provide the refreshment for the evening. Perhaps bedroom furniture sets by Answeredesign will do the trick. This unique bedroom furniture separates by uncommon however quite sophisticated design. All pieces and especially the key element of the entire set, a luxurious bed, look quite contemporary. Unquestionably, one of the most eye-catching beds is a black one with 2 lamps fixed onto headboard. For those who like light and sooth atmosphere there is a charming light beige bedroom. All beds are complemented by side and dresser tables with oval shapes as well as beautiful cabinets.