Check the temperature or time (or both) from the comfort of the bed with this cool atomic projection alarm clock by La Crosse Technology. Accurate to 1/10 of 1 sec per one day, using radio signals from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Colorado this bedroom gadget automatically adjusts itself for date & time. This must have gadget reads the temperature indoors and at one included remote unit that can be easily installed up to 80 ft. away. Made to shine the temperature or time onto the bedroom ceiling or wall up to 10 ft. away, its projection arm features adjustable intensity, 180° rotation and automatic focus. It illuminates for 3 sec on battery power and can be turned on constantly with the AC adaptor. It features plenty of other cool extras, such as temperature readings in F or C, dual alarm with snooze, 24 or 12-hour time mode and push-button EL backlight.