Featuring all the must-have bedroom functions, the Boxetti Private is an all in one unit including a night stand, closet and double bed. Finished in a beautiful white & orange color theme, this modern compact bedroom which is perfect for small living spaces adds elegance and functionality to the contemporary space design. This small bedroom solution looks much like an ordinary white box, i.e. like a slightly unorthodox white closet. Therefore it is amazing what it really hides inside. The unit features top notch stainless steel handles as well as accessories, with the integrated closet featuring clothes rail, 6 shelving sections, and drawers. And this is not all – the foldaway bed, together with nightstand, is controlled by remote control. How cool is that? The bed features a spotlight for reading which creates a relaxing atmosphere all around it. This cool module matches the Boxetti kitchen module and also some other home compact systems in the Boxetti range.