This amazing collection (see images below) of fun contemporary kid’s bedroom decor ideas is the project of New York Interior Design. Each one is one of a kind, quite different to the other; combining an array of color schemes and creative motifs. Two of the bedrooms are actually nurseries; one a sky blue, the other warm sage colour. The interiors are inviting and cozy. Perhaps the most unorthodox room is one that takes on a wild life safari theme, with a big wall mural of a savanna. Scattered all around is animal toys. The other rooms feature orange and pink double bedroom, boy’s blue and aquamarine teenage girl’s bedroom. Not all the time the simplest design to tackle in the home 21 century children’s bedrooms is tricky since kid’s tastes are frequently changing and, its one which is likely to become messier than others. These kid-friendly interiors offer inspiration for designing for children of all ages.