A lot of you have already done the dirty deed with your new bride. Nonetheless, below are several tips to spice up your hotel bedroom for a wedding night.

I suggest lending your bedroom key to a bridesmaid who can show up to the bedroom thirty minutes or so before to spice up the bedroom with all sorts of goodies which you have previously bought. That actually adds a perfect touch when walking in the bedroom. Just make sure you do not forget to carry the bride in.

The day may have been long for you; however it was even longer for the blushing bride. You may want to nap or consummate your marriage on the honeymoon. Once in your room the mood will probably be affected by first night jitters. However, do not worry too much about it. Her feet are killing her from the expensive high heels. Therefore, start by removing her heels and giving a light foot massage.

But let’s get back to bedroom décor. You want to create an environment which will cater to virtually all of her senses. Below are a couple of tips on what to decorate your hotel bedroom with.

Red & white rose petals

A lot of florists will have small bags of fresh rose petals for purchase which will last for a couple of days. Spread them along the suite floor leading from the door all the way to the bed. Make sure you lay them out on your bed too.


You will find beautiful wedding candles at well equipped shopping malls. Get different sizes of the same color. Under no circumstances do not forget to put a couple of candles near the bathtub for that romantic bubble bath for your and your blushing bride.