Not too long ago, I lived in a studio apartment. However, I decided to move into a single bedroom apartment, and that has at least doubled the amount of space I have. It’s also a bunch more wall space than I used to have, and it needed decorating. Friends and family know I’m really into music and the arts, and I display that proudly wherever I live.

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Decorating With Poster Frames

If you ever get to know me, then you’ll discover that while I love decorating in those styles, I also love doing it without spending a ton of money. What I did was buy a handful of posters that illustrate things I find important. I find that art posters usually have large borders, and even distracting information about the artist and museum. I take these to custom frame shops for some easy fixing up. Poster frames are a simple choice, but it’s one that works, and the frame shop I use has the ability to cut off the distracting parts and the border. The final trimmed poster in a frame looks not so much like a poster but a professional piece. I like using the same kind of frame for music posters too for a consistent look throughout my place.

The professional I enjoy working with at the custom frame shop let me know that I could add a mat to the posters to make them look more like actual art prints. We tried it, and while I didn’t quite like the look for the posters I had picked, it did open up other options to consider. Just stop and think about how many things you could get made to look tremendously better, just using a simple poster frame. You can use wood frames too, they do not have to be metal. Any frame shop is going to have a some options for framing posters. These are usually the thin black frames everyone knows, but you can ask about other colors. Black is just traditional because it doesn’t distract the eyes from the subject matter and also doesn’t overpower color posters with something like a shiny gold finish. These frames can be repurposed for things other than posters, as you can use them for anything from photographs to certificates. Anything you want framed can happen in a simple frame. Highlight it with an off-white mat for a nice touch of contrast to highlight the piece in question.

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Few More Tips

The addition of a mat to any framed item is simple yet genius, as it has a classical way of highlighting the art or piece in question. It helps viewers make a subconscious connection with whatever is framed, as visual focus is easier without anything in the space around it. If you want to tell the world who the most important individuals are in your life, print them out in black and white photographs and then mat them with a black poster frame. This makes an elegant yet obvious statement. Photos of your kids can be done with color mats for a more playful vibe, especially for anything going in their playroom.

You can use poster frames to seriously decorate the walls of a play room without emptying your wallet. Safety is another aspect to keep in mind with your kids’ play room. Invest the little extra to get light acrylic or plexi-glass that won’t break if it hits the floor. Avoid pricey frames just in case your kids don’t like the wall decorations and do something to them. Poster framing again is a great way to class up a basic poster or photo, and with economic yet smart options, you can make anything look like a masterpiece.

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